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4D Planning/BIM

4D Planning / BIM

4D Modelling is the integration of BIM Models with Time scheduling Software such as Asta Powerproject Or Primavera and provides a visual display of how the project will be built along a timeline. These are often used for Tender Submissions and more clients are now using our services for live site works especially in relation to logistics and closing out projects.



Drone Surveys

Drone Surveys


3D Scanning/Reality Capture

3D Scanning/Reality Capture

To see a selection of our 3d scans please click on the  links below.


Visit our scan of our completed St John's project:


Visit our scan of a plant room:


Project Management

Project Management

Our client’s projects are diverse and our service covers strategic projects, for large organisations, to smaller one-off projects.


As Client’s Representative, we provide comprehensive management and coordination of all project activities and this is based from our real time experience on live projects and an excellent building knowledge. Our primary job as Client’s Representative is to ensure that each member of the client’s team of specialists discharges its responsibilities in a manner that serves the client’s overall interest. Acting as an extension of the client’s staff, we monitor and coordinate the efforts of all members of the Project Team in order to enable the client to achieve maximum quality and value.


The planning, execution and conclusion of each project is always handled carefully and thoroughly, ensuring the projects meet our clients’ expectations, objectives and deadlines.


We ascertain the most suitable procurement route for each client’s individual needs; PML provides tailored project management on all construction stages of the projects, from inception to completion, within the optimum timescales.

Cost Management

Cost Management

PML provide a full range of Estimating and Cost Management services for our Clients.

We work with you to tailor the service to fulfil your criteria and deliver the best value possible on your project.


We work with your professional team to ensure that the design, programme and cost align.


We ensure costs are rigorously controlled from inception to completion to deliver projects on time and within budget.


Our services include:


  • Cost planning and cost modelling
  • Cost estimation
  • Procurement advice including forms of contract
  • Tender documentation and evaluation
  • Tender analysis and contractor selection
  • Value management and value engineering
  • Project quantity surveying services
  • Cost monitoring and reporting
  • Change evaluation and control
  • Claims management and dispute resolution
  • Final account settlement
Manufacturing & Technology

Manufacturing & Technology

The team have experience in a variety of manufacturing and technology projects.


PML have planned complex upgrades of HV and LV power networks on secure military bases involving diverting and upgrading all underground utilities encountering contaminated ground and un exploded ordinance. Installation of backup generators for selected buildings of strategic importance.


As part of the north west Cambridge development, PML programmed the construction of the energy centre that served the district heating to the whole township.


Detailed programming of the clean room manufacturing facilities utilising prefabricated services.


Full construction management service on the delivery of fully automated warehouse capable of automatically picking products and packing ready for dispatch.


Detailed site planning of a number of large television studios consisting of large purpose built warehouses.


Planning support on Microsoft research building and new computer laboratory on the west Cambridge campus.



New Build Headquarters And Manufacturing

Case Study:

New Build Headquarters And Manufacturing